Sapa Vietnam

My most recent adventure was Cuba but when opened up blogger to post some drawings it felt too wrong to go out of order and I've decided to post more drawings/revisit some memories from 2013 Vietnam/Cambodia first!  I offer you a glimpse of Sapa Vietnam, easily one of the most crazy beautiful magical places I've ever been.  These drawings were made during a guided overnight trek/home stay to "minority village", specifically the Red Dao who are best remembered for throwing myself and my travel companion into a giant steaming barrel/bath of ancient herbal remedy fanciness:)

drawing from the top of the world!  Sunset and the fog rolling into the valley.  Had time for one drawing during the golden hour before a delicious supper:)

the next morning on the trek back to town.  plowing the paddies for the new rice.

The Vietnamese have close trusting relationships with their water buffalo, but the buffalo are hiiighly suspicious of westerners and I have been told it's because we're smelly.  while wandering near our home stay I had the opportunity to be close-ish to quite a few of these guys and can confirm that they are seriously suspicious of my stinky self at least and there was always at least one who was in charge of keeping an giant brown eyeball on me while the others went about their business.  they are the strangest creatures! like a hybrid of a pig/cow/rhino, toughskinned with course bristly hairs.  I think ugly-cute prehistoric pig-cows:)