First post ever!

Welcome to my illustration blog, I am very very excited!  aspiring to be as faithful a blogger as Doogie Howser with his diary.

So subject of first post.  Factory Farming is bad.   Reading "Eating Animals" at the moment and the gross-out has started anew, first read "Fast Food Nation", then watched "Food Inc." then "King Corn" and now this... Why? because I love meat, hoping to make that loved meat, and so when weaning yourself off the meaty goodness the more disturbing the reading material the greater chance for success right?  here's hoping!  

These drawings are of the resident cows at Bergen County Zoological Park in New Jersey, they are heirloom breeds, very rare, and increasingly so in the age of frankestein-ing everything.

So here are my cows, they are really very beautiful, big brown eyes, long long lashes.  One is a deep red color and super glossy, they call her Ruby, and the other reminds me of cookies and cream ice cream!