Pretty flowers?

We had a drawing class at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden a few weeks ago, the hope was that it would be covered in lacy Cherry Blossoms but they were fashionably late this year (as was the warm weather). The Japanese garden was not a bad consolation prize! although next time I'll be going the Bronx Botanical Gardens where security doesn't make you scram everytime you sit down to draw...

There was one or 2 in their glory showing off!

Come on Spring!

I'm back!  I haven't been neglecting my brand new blog for no good reason, I have been in Thailand (drawing away but no scanner... some of those drawings will be posted shortly). When I came back from my extended trip to the equator the weather was perfect 60 degrees and warmer, tank top on, winter jacket banished, what amazing timing (hate hate hate being cold)!  but nope, faked out, really chilly again, any day now though right spring, RIGHT??! March can be temperamental, but April will come through!

These drawings were done at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx one day last year, while enjoying the springtime sunshine with my friend Jen, and I'm posting them now to encourage the weather to warm up already!