Richard III. Round II!

I went back with my friend Jeanette to see Richard III again the next week, enjoyed it so much the first time so why not?! Different day, different mood, different drawings, it's a treat to get a couple shots at something:)

Lady Ann calling Richard a toad/hedgehog, he'll remember that...

Why Clarence??

The happy day.

Such a villain!

If you're up for some excellent Shakespeare in the park check out
Much Ado about Nothing will be performed in July down in Battery Park City!!!

Richard III. Round I...

Last June I went with friends to check out Shakespeare's "Richard III" staged
by New York Classical Theatre in the under visited scenic northwest corner of Central Park. You never know what to expect with free theatre so my expectations were sorta low but I was pleasantly surprised. I should mention that this production was a "traveling" play, with the audience following the action. Or, in their words... "New York Classical Theatre's hallmark is accessibility and a panoramic staging approach to performance. Site-specific productions are adapted to showcase the unique visual components of each venue through innovative design and choreographic elements. Throughout the performance, the audience follows the actors from place to place, as the plot unfolds from scene to scene. In this way, the spectators become active participants in the drama itself." This was pretty awesome, the constant moving to a new location created a bit of an agitation that added to the plot. While this production is currently over I want to put out a spoiler alert, these captions may give a few things away...

Opening scene, with Richard probably saying some dastardly aside to the audience...

Hey Lady Ann, I just killed your husband, wanna marry me? it's your fault I killed him by the way, you were way too good lookin!

Poor Clarence! he was my favorite..

The crazy looking guy who was supposed to kill Clarence but chickened out. He did manage to kill little Edward later in the play, although he felt really bad about it.

Lady Ann not too excited about the marriage...

Marrying her brothers murderer.

Now for the honeymoon.

The haunting of Richard "kill everyone I know" III

I went back for round II a few days later, so stay tuned for another RIII post! Also keep an eye out for their next production, Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" coming your way July 2010 in Battery Park.