AUDREY HAWKINS I accept your 5 day art challenge.

I have jealously been watching the progress of the facebook 5 day challenge the last few days and having recently moved away from NYC and my Dalvero art homies was feeling more out of the loop then ever.  I mean, you can't participate if you are not "nominated" right...  but finally I was asked:)  "So I've just been told that I can nominate a person EVERY DAY of the challenge. I nominate April Kelly!! Let's see it, gurl!" 

Here in little Austin Texas we are spoiled with almost daily opportunities for figure drawing and I have been partaking pretty regularly.  Some of the poses are longer than I"m used to but I've gotten over my impatience (mostly) and started messing around with mono-prints and gauche!  and because I misunderstood the "rules" I am posting 5 drawings instead of 3.