Stream life

Having grown up near the mountains with a river in my backyard I retreat from washington heights as often as I can manage to clear my head and get some fresh air and fill my ears with woodsy sounds, and lately some less woodsy sounds as there is now a parakeet living there living near the entrance I use, nothing more cheerful than happy parakeet chatter (liberation)!

Usually my dog is with me but today I overcame my guilt and left her behind and headed to one of my very favorite places Rockefeller State Park Preserve!  I alwaaays see something I want to draw but my dogs exuberance and lack of patience means it's not gonna happen if she's around. So today was a treat. For me anyway.  This place is a series of gorgeous panoramic meadows and picturesque streams and bridges but if you look very closely you will get to meet the smallest inhabitants.  

I got to finally enjoy leisurely watching the minnows (more specifically the Blacknose Dace I THINK. googled NY minnows... there might have also been some Longnose Dace in there too?)  this does not happen with water loving dog along! she must be a horrifying Godzilla to the stream dwellers:/  The stream was very shallow and in the "rapids" were the biggun's, further down medium, further further down, small, and I finally noticed in the lee of the stone where the water was still the teeny tinies :)  there was one fish who was noticeably bigger/fatter/redder than the others so of course I named it. "Mongo".

Also fascinating are the water striders, these guys have the best shadows ever, haloed butterfly shadows that look like abstract art!

I saw a little face watching me from under a rock, so a little fish portrait.