Belated Easter Bunny...

You know I live to draw bunnies when and where I find 'em! This little cottontail calls the grounds of the New York Botanical Gardens home (way up in the Bronx but well worth the trip!). He was very sweetly enjoying the freshly cropped grass and sunshine when a group of grade school kids on a field trip made straight for him screaming/pointing and he dashed off into the bushes! it was lucky they turned up though since one of the girls had spotted a worm in distress who had attempted to cross the sidewalk and became stranded in the hot sun! Their teacher Mr. Cunningham with the support of the kiddos dug a little hole in the garden, deposited the worm and declared "NOW HE WILL LIIIVE", they went on their way knowing they had participated in a pretty solid good deed;)

Being a worm in spring means being in constant mortal peril, the Robin's are not messing around! If you get a chance (and you will, there's a million of them out now) watch them hunt, it will go something like this...

1. Run really really fast for a couple of feet.
2. Stop suddenly.
3. Cock their heads and listen reeeally hard while staying totally still.
4. Stab the ground and come up with a wriggling worm.

Adorable feathered assassins!