Haitian Dance-a-thon

The other night I went out to reportage with friends at Midsummer Night Swing at Lincoln Center. On this night Orchestre Septentrional d'Haiti was performing, a Haitian Jazz band who are a blast to listen to (I mostly listened, they were barely visible from where I sat, they wore orange and there seemed to be dozens of musicians!). The most entertaining part were the folks dancing on the side of the main stage, lots of personality and clever enough not to pay;) I wish I had a video of some of these characters, my favorite was a senior citizen version of "Cliff Huxtable" who went from one lady to lady with the suavity of an experienced tomcat, patience ladies, you'll have to wait your turn... Perhaps the most visually stunning were the spectacular hair do's captured with flair but without exaggeration by my friend Jeanette

Lady in blue showing everybody how it's done.

Lothario out to break some hearts!

Dressed up and having a blast!