Go Virginian Mediterranean??

Last August I met my friend Jennifer for a lovely drawing afternoon at Union Square when we noticed we had lucked out and stumbled into the magical Sabra Mediterranean Village set up in honor of their new line of Yogurt dips which is certainly a reason to celebrate. Free samples with various dipp-ables, tables set up so you can enjoy the unexpected treats at your leisure, and later on came the entertainment, a belly dancer and band, now there's a real treat!

A few weeks ago while listening to the radio I learned that Sabra Dipping Co. had been based in Astoria Queens and was now relocating to Virginia. I hadn't realized they were here but it made sense, New Yorkers are a hummus loving people, we have restaurants devoted to hummus, I think there is one even called "Hummus", somehow in the south I imagine people as less hummus savvy, perhaps asking themselves "what's a hummus?", there I go with my Yankee chickpea elitism. Everyone deserves hummus, it's good and good for you, and it's brought to you in part by Pepsi Co. (which I got a kick out of).

So here are a few studies of the beautiful Sabra belly dancer, some of the musicians and spectators!