Happy Earth Day Earthlings!

Today at work the girl next to me was cleaning off the empty desk between us, she asked me if the stack of printouts was mine? "No they aren't" I said. Swoosh-sh-sh , a stack of printouts 2 inches high right in the trashcan... the little black trashcan, not the big BLUE trashcan (that's the recycling one), I cringed, muttering something about "isn't there a recycling bin somewhere?..." she said she didn't know, there are, about 3 on the way to her desk, it was Earth Day, and she has two kids who will inherit the earth, or that she is borrowing it from or something. Anyway, many of us are on board the green revolution, a lot of people are brimming with good intentions but needing clear directives, we want to make things better but what exactly do we do again...? It can be hard to know what to do next and cleaning up the mess we've made in the last century feels like trying to put the toothpaste back into the tube, but many people are more aware now and it feels like a shift is coming. The "green" lifestyle is here/back, we are being reacquainted with simplicity and it feels right and that might be the motivation we've been needing.

So my Earth Day offerings are a few tree portraits. Trees have character like people do, some feel old and wise, some elegant, some really stylish, others stooped and deformed, they have scars and fingerprints and wrinkles, they've seen it all.